“What creationists believe about human origins we get from the Bible,” said David Menton an acclaimed anatomist and also a creationist. “The creation of the world takes place on page one of the Bible. If you throw out the first page of the Bible you might as well throw out the whole thing. If you can’t live with the first page then pitch out the remaining thousand pages.”


These poor people try to read the bible as a factual report. Unfortunately, not only biology disagrees with the bible. So does about every other science. Think of god creating sun and moon (both referred to as “lights”, despite their obvious difference) after the earth is already in place. In the old testament, earth is thought of as flat. Even in the middle ages people knew better. There is just no way around the fact that the old testament is the work of a primitive culture. After thousands of years, you might think everyone would know better. If only.